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Join CJSF to be involved with a club that focuses on serving others rather than yourself.  This club emphasizes citizenship, scholarship and service.  Be a good citizen by contributing to your community and school in many fun and exciting service projects such as feeding the homeless, feeding the poor, entertaining the elderly, helping in areas of need that you are familiar with, and much more.  A top priority in CJSF is that all members value their grades, therefore, "scholarship" is a key pillar.  Maintaining high standards for academic success, CJSF is a club that looks for students who can balance grades alongside other activities.  This club is also service-centered.  Looking beyond one's own needs is central to this clubs values, so by joining CJSF, you are telling others that you want to give of your time to make other's work or life less burdensome.  Join CJSF because you care about making this world a better place, you care about making Valley Center and the local community a great place to live, and because you desire to serve others.  Join CJSF to be with other students who are focused on the same goals as you. 

Fridays Mornings Room 104

Passes are required for meetings 

FCA Club

FCA is a place that any student can come and have fun during and at the same time hear the good news about Jesus Christ.

We meet every Tuesdays

1st or 2nd Lunch
Ms. Gurski's room 201

Passes are required for meetings

FFA Club

If you’re a member of an Agriculture class, you can join FFA. 


1. Judging team
2. Raise a livestock animal
3. Speech contest
4. Landscape design at the SD Fair
5. Science fair project

Meetings are @ 1st lunch on Wednesdays Rm 405

(If you don’t have 1st lunch, ask your 4th period teacher for permission)

Passes required for meetings

Fun Fridays Club

Students come together to watch a movie, play board games or just enjoy each other company during lunchtime. 


1st  Lunch Room 201
2nd Lunch Room 508

Passes required for meetings

Kindness Club

Purpose of Club The purpose of the FOR club (Kindness Club) is to exist to inspire and equip every person to create a permanent positive change not only in themselves, but in their school and our community. Help our schools become safer, more connected places to live and learn. Stimulate real culture change by actively involving the entire community in the process. Change lives by providing culturally relevant social/emotional training. Increase achievement and ensure results by engaging the participants’ heart, head and hands in a continuing improvement process.

1st or 2nd Lunch
Thursdays Rm 504

Passes required for meetings



Native and Indigenous Club

The Native and Indigenous Club (NIC) supports student empowerment, leadership, and advocacy goals by providing activities designed to strengthen these characteristics that exist within them already. Such activities include opportunities to learn local Indigenous languages and history. NIC students actively engage in and are organizing field trips and events on campus!

1st or 2nd Lunch
Thursdays in Portable B

Passes required for meetings